Do You and Do It Big

This week I had a big eye opening experience in the world of business and social media.  We have been having lots fun making tiktoks for a little over a year.  I was in total shock when I had a video getting tons of views and then another.  At first there were great comments and lots of positivity.  Then the trolls came out in full force.  I was shocked at some of the things people were saying and every time I would click on their profile it would take me to a page with no pictures and no videos.  These people are literally just out there to find anyone they can to torment and hiding behind a keyboard.

black pants-black sparkle top-curvy-plus-fashion-plus size

The two videos that got the most negative interaction were of me giving styling tips for plus size women!  I am an expert in this field because I have been plus size for at least 32 years.  I also went to college for Fashion Merchandising, I am a cosmetologist, and I have a passion for all things beauty.  People are always asking about my style so I thought it would be fun to help women by doing demos and try ons.  

At first it was great and all positive.  Then I thought I better get on and respond to the hundreds of comments that were piling up.  As I got into it I started to read some very mean things.  I cannot believe that people actually write this kind of stuff.  One guy said "Is this a joke?  No one looks good with fat flopping around." Another lady said "Why don't you just go on a diet and lose some weight so you can live longer?"  I was trying to be nice and responded "Oh girl, I have tried so many diets and have been on a perpetual diet my whole life.  I just started something because I want to feel better but at the end of the day the most important thing is how I feel.  I feel pretty great for 52."  She responded "Try Harder or you won't live long enough to dress cute!"  Typing this out right now I am actually laughing because it's pretty funny that people think they have the right to say anything to anyone about their body or health. We are all going to die one way or another no matter how healthy we eat, how many times a week we hit the gym, or what we weigh.

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I am a very confident woman for the most part and I can usually rise above the noise.  But, I have to admit that I got down for an evening.  I started questioning everything I am doing and thinking that I need to stay off Tiktok and just live in my comfort zone. I reached out to some friends because sometimes you just need your hype squad.  I woke up the next morning and put on my big girl panties because nobody and no one is going to derail me.  I am on a mission to help other women feel amazing about themselves no matter what size you wear or how much you weigh.  We are all so much more than a number on the scale or on a tag.

plus size-curvy fashion-plus size dress-

Moral of the story is that you can get knocked down for a day, a week, a month or a year but don't you EVER let the words or opinions of others keep you from living in your truth and your purpose.  I refuse to let anyone dull my sparkle and for good measure I ended up making 3 Tiktoks that day.  A good friend also reminded me that haters and trolls are a reminder that you are doing big things.  So....keep doing YOU and do it BIG!!!!


  • Janice L Real

    You are and always have been an amazing, positive, kind, caring woman. I am proud of all your accomplishments. You ae doing wonderful, amazing and positive things. Thank you for being an awesome role model for women everywhere no matter their size, circumstances, educational level or age (I am 78). Keep doing everything your are doing and keep stepping out of your comfort zone. Hope you have a blessed day.

  • Jinny Harris

    Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep 💗 Keep being fierce!


    Mike Rowe responded to a social media “hater” (by the name of Jennifer) the other day, and I thought his response was great. It went like this:
    “The part that fascinates me, Jennifer, is the part where you assume your respect is something I might be craving. What happened exactly to give you the impression that people you’ve never met might care about having your respect?”

    So Shelli — just keep on You Being You. And dismiss the Jennifer’s of the world — Besides, they have bad breath anyway!


    I think you look Fabulous!! People that Shame other people are not very happy people.. Your Beautiful!!!!!

  • Kathy Hummingbird

    I am your size, and you make me feel so positive!! your clothes are the cutest for plus size women!!

    Please keep the tik tok going… It makes me smile for a day!! Trolls are bored with their lives they attack other people, to bring them down to their bored life and be miserable!! Your too good for that !!

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